Smart Key Duplication & Programming

Smart keys, also known as transponder keys, are essentially a communicator device. There is a transmitter and a responder. The transponder key or smart key sends and receives signals from the immobilizer in an automobile. A smart key is not necessarily confined to automobiles of the day. Home automation systems, doors or gates with state of the art security systems, remote access controls and many such advanced security apparatuses can have smart keys.

Smart Key Duplication & Programming

Smart Keys For Cars

In the context of automobiles, cars have an engine control unit and the system has an immobilizer. The immobilizer is an electronic security device that facilitates ignition if the right key or transponder key is being used. Without the smart key, the car will not start. The concept of immobilizer was developed to prevent motor vehicle thefts facilitated by hot wiring. Modern cars cannot be hotwired due to this reason.

Duplicating a smart key

A smart key may or may not look like ordinary keys. But it will have a traditional key to work into the car door, there will be remote access and the technology inside is more sophisticated than simple keys. Smart keys cannot be duplicated the way ordinary keys can. Also, just duplicating a smart key will not be of much help. You need smart key duplication and programming in Bayside, NY. The key must be programmed to work the transmitter and the responder.

The Safest Choice

Smart keys have chips. They are analog when you use a smart key as just a key and they are digital when you use the transmitter and the responder for remote access. A simple key having the pattern or exact design of your smart key cannot start your car or unlock the door of your main gate that has remote access. Your key needs the chip. It is needless to say that smart keys are safer but they are also more complicated. Not every locksmith specializes in smart key duplication and programming in Bayside, NY. We do.

Our Smart Key Duplication & Programming Service

Our expertise in smart key duplication and programming in Bayside, NY of all brands assures you that you will have a key perfectly duplicated and our programming will ensure that the key works with the system you have in your car, at your home or in your office. We offer smart key duplication and programming in Bayside NY, right where you are and we get the job at the site. We cater to emergency calls twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.